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January 18, 2016, 10:59 pm

Muhammad Bilal

An admirer influenced by the words and efforts of Ustad
Dear Omer,


My name is Muhammad Bilal and I am an Indian. I recently embraced Islam following an epiphany regarding the nature of Islam. I used to be a fierce critique of the religion, to the point of being mistaken for a racist and an Islamophobe. But the truth is, I am neither. I love life a lot, wherever and in whatever shape I find it. I consider it a gift from God. So I get furious with people who indulge in wanton murder, especially in the name of the God, who is the “Cherisher of the World”, in both the opening surah and in the first surah to be revealed (surah 96: al-khalaq).

However hard I tried to explain away, Islam as an evil, Arabic aberration of mankind, the merciful Lord, At-Tawab – the oft-returning Lord, wouldn’t let go off me and He forced me think through, contemplate the paradox that Islam is, until I solved and reconciled it. So, in my meditation, which people couldn’t see because it happened far from the surface of my life, at the very depths of my being, I had a realization, a stark realization that made me fully, happily and with a whole heart embrace it.

The essence of this realization, though I couldn’t articulate it as clearly or lucidly, was very, very close to the same conclusion that Mahmoud Muhammad Taha had come to, at the end of the three years retreat. I could sense it in my heart that there were two distinct, historically and spiritually separate streams of message within the noble Qur’an and not being an expert at interpretation I couldn’t pin down my insight and conviction as Meccan and Medinan Surah, like Ustad Taha did.

Once I realized it, I searched for similar minded people who held the same view about Islam and Qur’an in particular and I stumbled upon Newyorker article on Ustad, from where I pursued the thread to land here. I am yet to read the Second Message, but I already know what I will find there because I already know it in my heart to be true.

My dear republican brother, I am writing to you with hope that no matter how hard circumstances are, you will not give up Ustad’s work, because it is very important for humanity to know the thoughts of one the greatest Sudanese minds that ever lived. In there is sanity, peace and tolerance – all things the ummah is not today. And know that I am with you and I shall support you, Insha Allah, in whatever little ways possible, words, or even money if that is what is really required to keep the legacy alive. But remember, this work must continue. Be tenacious, just like Ustad himself was.

People like Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS and his henchmen are working day and night without rest to make this world a much more miserable place than it already is. Then imagine, how much more effort and toil we must give to this work, we, who are trying to make it a better, much more peaceful place. Consider this my personal requesting on behalf of humanity. Don’t let it die! Allah’s support and mine are with you.

For my part, I will spread this message as much as I can. I have a very close friend who is now an Islamophobe, thanks to my effort and time. I haven’t yet told him of my change of heart and perspective on Islam. He would be too startled and angry with me. But I shall make it a point to inform him of Ustad and his work. It is my duty and sunnah.

With a hug and a handshake

Your Loving

Muhammad Bilal

January 23, 2016, 7:28 am

عمر هواري

رد: An admirer influenced by the words and efforts of Ustad
Dear brother Muhammad

I am so delighted to read your message and to learn that you recognized the thoughts of Ustadh Mahmoud Muhammad Taha as the call that satisfies your search for answers amidst the so many false calls that distort what true Islam is all about as a methodology for healing our inner souls and to for connecting us with the source of existence and at the same time providing an understanding and a solution for our socio-economic and political problems.

Ustadh Mahmoud followed a methodlogy that allowed him to attain inner peace and self-realization and gave him an understanding of the relationship between the individual and the universe and the individual and sourrounding communities and he offered that same metholodology to every human being and paintened a promissing future for mankind that would be reliazed in the very near future despitre the gloomy and bloody picture that has been been depicted by fanatics all across the globe in the name of religion.

Please be assured that we will not let go with this great (fikra) because it answered all our questions as well and we found in it what encourage us to stick with it even more as time passes and its proof becomes appearant to many other peaople. People like you push us towards making extra efforts to avail these thoughts and make them known specially to those who could not appreciate them in their original form due to the language barrier.

Once again thank you for your elaborate and elegent messange and please keep in touch


Omer Hawari

February 12, 2015, 12:57 am


Needs for English translation
Alsalmu Aliekum,

I have been trying hardly to find an English translation for The second message (Hard or soft copy), in fact a non Arabic speaker friend is desperately asking about it.

Your help will be appreciated!

March 5, 2015, 4:51 pm

عمر هواري

RE: Needs for English translation
Dear Omer

A link to the translation of \"The Second Message of Islam\" has been provided in the English section of this website:


Unfortunately, this is a copyrighted work and we could not made available through this website but you can order online from Amazon or Barnes and Noble using the aforementioned links.



May 2, 2012, 10:41 pm

salaheldin ahmed ibrahim

What a golden time..!!
Assalamu alaikum,
I was inspirted by Ustadh Mahmoud Mohamed Taha when i was 17 years old,particularly in 1984, one year before his execusion.Sometimes a mere slight incidence may change one's whole life,just by chance a man's whole life can be totally changed I came across a lecture for al uztadh titled as
" Tallamu Kaif Tusalloun" "learn how to pray". That lecture was the main door from which i have entered the garden of freedom of thought,freedom of thinking; for the first time in my life i felt a big relief,a deep sigh. Imagine to laught like a newly born child,a childlike laughter. Infact not as if,but it was a reality that i was born new the day i heard that lecture,all the meanings were new to me.. acually i came to know what even the word "Lecture" meant to me;a totally different meaning from what is written in all dictionaries.
Sudan has fallen apart,because the golden days in which such a real man like al ustadh Mahmoud were lecturing people were gone..gone because he is gone.
Sometimes i have a feeling that the recent suffering of Sudan is nothing but a punishment for the sake of a man who gaved, sacreficed his life for such a country "Sudan".
For those who think that al ustadh is gone and those golden days were gone too,let them know that real men never die,real thought never die,soul remain, but body vanishes... he is still there around us for those who really want to free themselves from the so-called religous people and who want to live a life of dignity.
Salaheldin Falola

August 25, 2011, 10:56 am

Kenny King

A full transformation of heart
Al-Ustadh Mahmoud Muhammad Taha's words inspired me to reflect on the importance of internalizing God's word so that it affects every part of who we are and how we think and act. God did not offer His word to us through His Prophets so that we could build large churches, mosques or temples,or even go to war with one another over our differences, but so we could apply it to our daily lives and become more like Him. The religious rituals we perform in our places of worship should be an outward expression of an inward commitment, not just a thoughtless act we perform out of habit or tradition. I truly believe that God has spoken to man through His holy prophets, to whom He gave His authority to speak and act in His name. I believe that He does this because He loves us, as our Heavenly Father. I pray for the wisdom and ablity to mantain an eternal perspective as I worship Him and that His word, as given to us through his guided Prophets, can motivate us to act, to change, even unto full transformation of our hearts.

August 28, 2011, 12:56 pm

عمر هواري

رد: A full transformation of heart
Dear Kenny
I am so glad and delighted to read your touching message.
I think you got to the essence of Ustadh Mahmoud's message which is that of self-realization through a change process that allows us to achieve inner peace. Religion was meant for the individual, every single individual, and not for institutions. People need to go back to that basic message and start transforming themselves instead of looking for failing institutions to bail them out spiritually.
We as humans share the main essential attributes that make us humans but these have long been tented with misguided ideological dictates that keep us apart but once we tap into them we will sure to find what unite us in this holly journey that we are destined to undertake.
I value your comments and thank you for taking the time to sharing your thoughts with us.
Omer Hawari

August 11, 2011, 5:08 am

Dioscorus Boles

A Hope for Muslim Socities
I have interest in the religious and political thought of Mahmoud Muhammad Taha. He clearly towers over the rest of Islamic thinkers. Not since the Mu'tazilis has an Arab religious thinker been of the same stature.

His religious thinking offers all Muslim societies the best hope of embracing modernity while remain attached to their religious beliefs.

August 17, 2011, 7:37 pm

عمر هواري

Re: A Hope for Muslim Socities
Dear Dioscorus
Thank you for your remarks and kind words about the thoughts of Ustadh Mahmoud Muhammad Taha. We welcome your interest and friendship and we value your comments. Indeed Ustadh Mahmoud's thoughts are the only hope for Muslims to get out of the backwardness and lead the world towards a peaceful future if they understand the true message of their religion which will help unite this small planet not torn it apart.

Omer Hawari
Website Admin

August 7, 2011, 2:29 am

Masoud B Nour

Thanks to all people like ustaz mahmoud, his brothers, for the great contribution to Sudanese,and universal thought.this is agreat step towards enligtment of all beleivers,I wish i can buy some of his books in the near future.

August 17, 2011, 7:44 pm

عمر هواري

Re: comment
Dear Masoud
Salam Alaykum
Thank you for your encouraging remarks and kind words. We are working on making all works of Ustadh Mahmoud available via this website and were able to upload a number of books in PDF format so they can be easily downloaded and printed by those interested. These are all in Arabic. The only translated book (into English) which is "The Second Message of Islam" is also available from many retailers such as amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com

June 23, 2011, 10:19 am

Osman Abdullah Eladnani

Thank you for continuing this great work
I am a friend of the Republican Brothers since my university years from 1972 to 78. I hope to be in contact with the brothers.

June 24, 2011, 5:52 pm

عمر هواري

RE: Thank you for continuing this great work
Dear Osman
Thank you for your kind words about the website. We value your friendship and welcome your comments and questions.
Please feel free to call me evenings and weekends at 9194049202.

Best regards,

Omer Hawari
Site Admin

May 27, 2011, 3:17 am

Merid Zeru Tseggai

I am an Eritrean who follows Sudance's politics.
Ustazh Mahmoud Muhammad Taha was a great visionary and thinker man of principle but the Sudance's Social Value,Dual Identity,an approprite understanding of Islamic faith,Subjective consciousness ...etc never ever allowed him either to survive or to intervene to tackle the Sudance social politics problems.
Consequence of it we are witnessing Two Sudan. Now is it to stop being only two Sudan or is it going to continuing to more than two Sudan?

Merid Zeru Tseggai

June 23, 2011, 5:10 pm

عمر هواري

Reply: admiration
Dear Merid Zeru Tseggai
Thank you for your elegant remarks and kind comments.
Indeed the self-proclaimed leaders of the Sudanese People, ignored Ustadh Mahmoud's wisdom until they banged their heads with the wall of destruction. Unfortunately if they continue to head in the same direction, the Sudan that we all know will seize to exist, specially under the current regime.

Once again thank you and please keep in touch

Omer Hawari
Site Admin

February 22, 2011, 7:32 pm

safia ahmed lutfi

great thankful
thank you for writing about him to learn about the greatest al Ustaz Mahmoud Mohammad Taha

August 7, 2010, 11:44 pm

Sami Aldeeb

an article about Mahmud Muhammad Taha
I have the pleasure to indicate that I published an article on Mahmud Muhammad Taha in French:


Please feel free to reproduce it in French or in any other language.

April 4, 2011, 6:06 pm

عمر هواري

RE: an article about Mahmud Muhammad Taha
Dear Mr. Aldeeb
Thank you for a well written article to the French audience.
I don't know French but I managed to read the Google translation.
Best regards,

January 7, 2007, 6:41 pm


Mariage de Tâha
Bojour, I will try to write you in English
I want to Know the of the mariage of Ustad Tâh , the number of his children and the year of death of his brother MuKhtar
Has Taha got to Mekka (pilgrmage)and at what

Waiting for you to read, beeing sincerly yours
I. Idris FRANCE .

January 10, 2007, 9:39 pm


RE: Mariage de Tâha
Hello Isam
Ustaz Taha married to Amna Lutfi. They had three children: a boy who died when he was 10 years old, and two daughters (Asma and Sumaya) who are married and have childrens.
I do not have firm information about the time of the death of his brother Mukhtar but will seek that information for you.
I don't think Ustaz Taha ever been to Mecca.

Best regards,

Omer Hawari
Website Admin

December 3, 2006, 3:50 pm

Malik Mubashshir

Communities based on the teaching of Ustazh Mahmoud Muhammad Taha
As Salaam Alaikum. I am an American Muslim deeply concerned about the influence of so-called fundamenatalist Islam on our community here. I am also concerned about the spiritual, social, and cultural malaise that seems to be descending upon the once vital African American Islamic community. I believe that the ritualistic, legalist and spiritually dead interpretation of Islam currently being propagated is sapping the spirit of a young community. Having read the Second Message of Islam I was inspired by its tone and direction. Are there any efforts to spread this understanding of Islam and to build communities based on this vision? Also, is Ustazh\'s book on prayer available in English? My thanks for your response and for your efforts to make Sheikh Taha\'s words available to a wider audience. My Allah reward all that you do of good.

December 4, 2006, 9:16 pm


RE: Communities based on the teaching of Ustazh Mahmoud Muhammad Taha
Dear brother Malik
AsSalam Alaikum
I am really glad to read your thoughtful comment. It is true that Islam has been hijacked by people who are only capable of spreading a distorted and rigid view that does not touch even remotely the soul and heart of this great religion. But unfortunately these are the louder voices in today's world.
Ustazh Mahmoud spent a good part of his life building a community that adheres to the principles and values that he propagated and lived for. He thought this would be a seed for the next Umma which will bring Islam to the next level and spread it to the whole world. An Umma that was foretold by the Prophet peace be upon him, when he said: "Islam started as a stranger, and it shall return as a stranger in the same way it started ... Blessed are the strangers ... They [his companions] said: Who are the strangers, Oh Messenger of God? He [the Prophet] replied: Those who revive my Sunnah after it has been abandoned."
The community started in Sudan but was faced by fierce opposition from traditionalist (Muslim Brothers, Wahabists, and Sectarian Muslims) who often resort to violence to silence the "Republicans" when they fail to face them in the circles of debate. They ended up trying and executing Ustazh Taha in Sudan in 1985 and forcing many of the community members to leave the country. The community is still intact albeit inactive except for individual efforts here and there, and this website is one example.
As far as the translation of Ustazh Taha's book, nothing was really published beyond the mother book, which you read. There are incomplete translations of 5 more books "Treatise on Prayer", "The Path of Muhammad", "Islam", and "The Cultural Revolution". Hopefully they will be published soon.
The book you mentioned is titled "Learn How to pray" (my translation of the title) is a good candidate for translation. I hope a capable brother will pick the task of translating it.

Once again I am glad that you visited the website and found it useful.

Best regards,

Omer Hawari
Website Admin

November 3, 2006, 8:48 am


Malim ala tariq alfikra aljamhuria 2
dear brother, i live in Germany and i am student, i need Malim ala tariq alfikra aljamhuria 2.
It is really very important for me to get this book. Please can you help me sending it as PDF or in other way.
best regards

November 5, 2006, 3:22 am


RE: Malim ala tariq alfikra aljamhuria 2
Dear Osman
Thank you for contacting us regarding "Ma3alim". The book was missing from our collection but Dr. Yasir Elsharif was able to locate it and type it for you (and for all of us). I trust that he will contact you with a copy as soon as it is revised. If not we will post it to the website within the next few days.
Please accept my best wishes

Omer Hawari,

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