The age-old dream of the human caravan is not to send astronauts in their orbit in outer space.. it is to send its individuals - every single individual in his orbit of self-realization. It is high time that this dream be thus reinterpreted. It is also the sacred duty of every man and woman to help intelligently reorientate human endeavour towards the culmination of this pilgrimage.

Mahmoud Muhammad Taha - Answers to the questions of Mr. John Voll - 17.7.1963

The Bestowal of Beauty

Mahmoud Muhammad Taha
Translator: Dr. Salah Ahmed Farah


Richard P. Stevens
Journal of Arab Affairs ; Boulder  Vol. ١, Iss. ١,  (Oct ٣١, ١٩٨١): [١٣٥]

A Comment on El-Affendi’s Article, "Mahmoud Taha: Heresy and Martyrdom"

Dr. Omer El-Garrai
January ٢٠١٥

A comment on Abdelwahab El-Affendi article:

Elrayah Hassan Khalifa
El-Affendi's article appeared in CRITICAL MUSLIM ١٢, OCTOBER–DECEMBER ٢٠١٤

Preparing the Free Human Being:
A letter to Dr. Torrez Bodet, UNESCO General Director

Ustadh Mahmoud Mohamed Taha
This letter is published in The Voice of Sudan Newspaper, ١٩٥٣, in Khartoum and is translated into English by Dr. Mustafa Eljaili

EDUCATION: A Letter Addressed to Mr. Osman Mahjoub
Dean Of The Institute Of Bakht AL-Ruda

Ustadh Mahmoud Muhammad Taha
This letter is written in December ٢٤, ١٩٥٨ and is translated into English by Dr. Mustafa Eljaili

Mahmoud Taha - The Gandhi of Sudan


The Moderate Martyr
A radically peaceful vision of Islam.

by George Packer
September ١١, ٢٠٠٦

Sudanese Islamic pacifist remembered

Andre Briscoe
Monday ٢٢ January ٢٠٠٧

A moment to commemorate a thinker’s demise

Adil Ismail

Towards an Islamic Theology of Liberation

Samir Amin
Translated from the original French by Anthony Mansueto

Ustadh Mohamed Taha: ١٢ years after his execution

Sudan Human Rights Organization

The Islamic Gandhi

Written by Gisle Tangenes
Monday, ١١ September ٢٠٠٦

Selected Quotations
Translation of selected quotations from Ustazh Mahmoud Muhammad Taha's books.

Ustazh Mahmoud's statement before the court of Mahallawy in January ٧th, ١٩٨٥
The recorded words of Ustazh Mahmoud before the court that ended up sending him to the gallows for voicing his opposition to the so-called Islamic laws which were enacted by the government of Sudan in ١٩٨٣-٨٥

Either This or the Flood

The Republican Brothers
This is the pamphlet that lead to the trial of Ustazh Mahmoud Muhammad Taha and four of his followers and eventually to the execution of Ustazh Mahmoud in ١٨ January, ١٩٨٥ by the government of Sudan

The Death Sentence for Mahmoud Muhammad Taha:
Misuse of the Sudanese Legal System and Islamic Shari’a law?