The age-old dream of the human caravan is not to send astronauts in their orbit in outer space.. it is to send its individuals - every single individual in his orbit of self-realization. It is high time that this dream be thus reinterpreted. It is also the sacred duty of every man and woman to help intelligently reorientate human endeavour towards the culmination of this pilgrimage.

Mahmoud Muhammad Taha - Answers to the questions of Mr. John Voll - 17.7.1963

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All of the books written by Ustadh Mahmoud Mohammed Taha were in Arabic. The mother book Ar-Rsisalah Athaniya Min Al-Islam {The Second Message of Islam} has been translated into english by Dr. Abdullahi An-Naiem. You can obtain a copy from Barnes & Noble or from

There are a few english booklets written by the Republicans, the followers of Ustazh Mahmoud Mohammad Taha, however Ustazh Taha himself rarely ever used the language despite his appearant command as you would see in a letter he wrote in 1963 answering a few questions presented by an American researcher from Harvard University.

To access the full library in Arabic click here, otherwise you can browse through the following few English books:

An Introduction To The Second Message of Islam

The Republican Brothers
First Edition May 1976

Towards The Second Message of Islam

The Republican Brothers
First Edition
November 1980

The Return of Christ

The Republican Brothers
April 1981

The Religion of Man: A new conception of ISLAM

The Republican Brothers
First Edition, June 1979 Rajab 1399

Ustadh Mahmoud Muhammad Taha Speaking to Women of Their Rights

The Republican Brothers
The Twelfth Publication on the Occasion of International Women’s Year, 1975